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Presenting for Celebrity Cruises in Iceland

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Working with Huw James, I travelled to Iceland in October to present a short film for Celebrity Cruises' "Explorers on the Edge" about the environmental uses impacting the Arctic and to encourage more people to get out and explore the natural world.

After having been sent scripts and filming plans from Huw, I met the team in Reykjavik before heading out several hours drive east to where we were staying. We spent two incredible days filming on the Sòlheimajökill Glacier on the south coast. Although some initial bad weather made accessing the ice difficult, we were exploring ice caves and pressure ridges far along the glacier in no time.

View south from the Glacier
View south from the Glacier

The filming consisted of me giving an interview at a sheltered spot on the glacier and also getting B-roll from walking onto and across the ice. The team I was working with used a combination of hand-held DSLR shots and drone footage to make their final film.

The film is being shown on Celebrity Cruise ships to accompany talks given by experts about climate change, adventure and the science of the places the cruise is visiting.

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