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Cameron Mackay

Film Producer,

Camera Operator,

CAA-Approved Drone Pilot,

Video Editor.

Folk Musician,

Music Producer,

Ceilidh Band Performer.

Background in climate change research and sustainability engagement.

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I made my first film about travelling through Mackay Country (the homeland my clan!) in 2014 which featured an original soundtrack recorded by my ceilidh band at the time. I loved the process of producing a film and incorporating originally produced music so repeated this process 4 times over the following three years through producing documentary films that followed research and trekking expeditions I joined and organised to locations such as Greenland and the Himalaya alongside studying for my degree.

This cumulated in producing a film called Climate Change and Scotland's Future in 2017 which was screened throughout the country and fed into national conversations about climate change adaptation and cultural engagement. From there, I began to produce content for BBC The Social and take on clients who had their own sustainability stories to tell which led to the creation of this production company.


Having been fascinated by traditional Celtic music from a young age, I began to work professionally through playing fiddle and guitar in ceilidh bands. Our first band, the Spootiskerry Ceilidh Band, played gigs across Scotland and toured to play at events such as Shennaghys Jiu Festival in the Isle of Man.

Since then, I have produced music independently, merging the genres of traditional Celtic folk with electronic dance music styles such as future bass and house. I have been distributing tracks through royalty-free music libraries since 2018 and have had tracks featured in content around the world. A couple of my favourite placements are by Jits Into the Sunset and Wasserfest.


With a background in studying Geography and conducting academic research in climate adaptation at Universities, since graduating, I have worked professionally within the University of Strathclyde and the University of Glasgow as Sustainability Engagement Officer and Communications Coordinator for a variety of behaviour change and sustainability research projects. It was through these roles I realised that video, along with music, was one of the most effective ways of engaging new audiences in discussions about sustainability. Because of this, I decided to set up my own production company to be able to offer this style of video and music production to organisations across Scotland and beyond.



Start a conversation to commission and/or license film and music content.

(+44) (0)7717 822 918

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