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Increasing the sustainability and lowering the carbon footprint of film production logistics.

Making film content and stories told on camera as sustainable, accurate and credible as possible.


All Cameron Mackay Productions film work aims to be as sustainable as possible. This will be done through adhering to the following Sustainability Police on all projects.


  • Avoid all mainland domestic flights in the UK,

  • Take public transport where possible,

  • Ensure all production crew have completed Albert’s Sustainable Production Training,

  • Calculate estimated carbon emissions of each production before filming begins,

  • Seek to repair damaged/faulty equipment before considering replacement.


  • Follow "Greenwashing Risk Assessment" (below),

  • Work with clients to fact-check all scientific content and sustainability claims in the script, 

  • Showcase real sustainability infrastructure where possible and authentic.


As defined by ClientEarth, Greenwashing is "where a company uses advertising and public messaging to appear more climate-friendly and environmentally sustainable than it really is".


Through all video productions, we will work together to ensure that we don't fall into the trap of greenwashing when scripting and storyboarding a project. This will be achieved by following the risk assessment below to tell original, honest and impactful stories about climate change and sustainability.

Screenshot 2023-04-17 at 13.21.01.png


Through working with the University of Strathclyde, the Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN), and the EAUC, a series of workshops were set up that aimed to bring together professionals with experience in communicating climate change from across Scotland. The outcome was a set of 6 guidelines on how best to approach climate change communication to audiences in Scotland.

These guidelines will be followed in all film projects and are outlined in the video below. They can also be seen in written form here.

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