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BBC The Social: Opinions on the Climate Strike

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Opinions on the Climate Strike (BBC The Social)

With thousands of young people taking to the streets to get their views on climate change heard, I wanted to use the BBC The Social platform to share their messages with as many people as possible.

I joined the march on the 20th September which ran from Kelvingrove Park to George Square in Glasgow and saw over 20,000 people attend. I met and interviewed just short of thirty different people along the length of the march and managed to get right in front of it as it reached George square.

It was an incredible day and young people really got a strong message across that a lot of significant change needs to be made if we are going to pass a sustainable future on to the next generation. Since releasing this video, it has been shared with politicians, NGOs and the general public and I hope that people are inspired to act based on the passionate responses given by people in this video.

Please share far and wide to help the youth voice on climate change have a big impact.

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