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FILM: Greenland360: Youth Expedition

Greenland360: Youth Expedition

Runtime: 13m 47s

Released: January 2015

Filming: Cameron Mackay

Presenting: Emily MacDuff, Cameron Mackay, Craig Mushet, Jamie Wylie

Soundtrack: Cameron Mackay

Driven by the desire of communicating the urgency of climate change with the public, four Scottish teenagers set themselves the task of planning their own independent expedition to Greenland to document how the issue is experienced there. Having never organised an expedition before, this was a big challenge for all of them and saw them raising funds of over ten thousand pounds and undertaking months of training.

In Greenland, they traveled to a remote base camp and trekked along the huge meltwater rivers and onto the massive ice sheet in order to investigate climate change. They saw the incredible speed at which the landscape was changing but also how different the perspectives of the local people of climate change was to their own.

The film premiered at the Glasgow IMAX theatre, was shown on BBC3 and won the Leafies Award at the St Andrews Green Film Festival.

To arrange a screening of this film, please get in touch.

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