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FILMS: A series of films aiming to engage audiences with discussions and events in the lead-up to COP26. The content aimed to be accessible for all ages and covered the topics of: "What is COP26?", "What is Climate Change", and "What is Net Zero?".


IMPACT: These films were screened outside Glasgow and Bristol Science Centres in the lead-up to COP26 and were shown in schools across Scotland as part of COP26-related lesson plans.


What is COP26?

2min 29s   |   2021   |   Filmed in Glasgow

In this presenter-led video, a Glasgow Science Centre science communicator breaks down the history of the COP ("Conference of Parties") climate summits and explained the significance of COP26.


This was shown by several Glasgow Science Centre partners and stakeholders to increase awareness and understanding of COP26.


What is Net Zero?

2min 42s   |   2022   |   Filmed in Glasgow

The topic of Net Zero is simply broken down in under 3 minutes by a Glasgow Science Centre science communicator in a series of filming locations around the building.

This has been circulated amongst primary and secondary schools in Scotland to increase understandings of Net Zero so that pupils can participate in conversations around COP26.


What is Climate Change?

2min 41s   |   2022   |   Filmed in Glasgow

A Glasgow Science Centre science communicator breaks down the science of climate change in a simple way, aimed to engage young people and primary school pupils with the issue ahead of COP26.

This was filmed in internal and external locations at the Glasgow Science Center and produced using animations and third party stock footage.

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