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Screening My Latest Documentary at ÚNA Festival, Glasgow

It was such a privilege to be invited to the "ÚNA: Uniting Narratives with Arts" festival at Kelvinhall on the 18th May. I was there to screen my latest film called "Climate Change and Scotland's Future" and to talk about the links between climate and culture in Scotland.

It was great to show the film and talk to such a big audience who were so engaged and asked brilliant questions. The festival itself was all about the links between Scottish and South American culture so I was thrilled to be able to represent, in a small way, some parts of Scottish culture.

"Climate Change and Scotland's Future" follows two graduates as they explore how climate change could impact us throughout Scotland. Through investigating what people can do to mitigate and prepare for the impacts of climate change in Scotland over coming decades, their journey takes them from Glasgow to South Uist and from National Nature Reserves to coastal towns.

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