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FILM: Farming on the Front Line of Climate Change

Farming on the Front Line of Climate Change

Runtime: 09m 15s

Released: January 2017

Filming: Cameron Mackay

Presenting: Abel McLinden, Cameron Mackay

Soundtrack: Cameron Mackay

In response to the reportedly adverse impacts our greenhouse gas emissions are having around the world, students Cameron Mackay and Abel McLinden set out to investigate how this played out on the ground. To do this they travelled to the Ladakh region of the Indian Himalaya where glacier loss is a big problem. 

Their journey took them to several agricultural villages where they discovered that glacier loss was causing issues of water scarcity and making it much harder for people to farm. They also met local engineers who were making 'artificial glaciers' which attempted to mitigate this issue. However, will this solve the problem of water scarcity in the long term or, with rapidly increasing temperatures, is agriculture in Ladakh endangered?

This film premiered at the ArgiCulture Film Festival in Italy in 2017.

To arrange a screening of this film, please get in touch here.

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