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FILM: Exploring the World's Strangest Volcano

Exploring the World's Strangest Volcano

Runtime: 15m 15s

Released: JSeptember 2015

Filming: Cameron Mackay

Presenting: Cameron Mackay, Glasgow University Tanzania Expedition Team

Soundtrack: Cameron Mackay

At the turn of the 19th century, chair of geology at the University of Glasgow John Walter Gregory led several important explorations in Tanzania. Over one hundred years later, a team of Glasgow students set out to follow in Gregory's footsteps and create new knowledge of their own about Tanzania's geology. The location they chose was the mysterious and poorly understood volcano of Ol Doinyo Lengai in Northeast Tanzania, which is the only volcano of its type in the world.

Their expedition took them deep into Africa's incredible savannah and up to the windy summit of the volcano where they witnessed the unique spectacle of an eruption. They also discovered tensions between the communities in the area and the government and learned about the local people's unique perception of the volcano.

The film premiered at the Glasgow IMAX and has since been shown to many university audiences. To set up a screening, please get in touch.

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