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FILM: Climate Change and Scotland's Future

Climate Change and Scotland's Future

Runtime: 24m 36s

Released: September 2017

Filming: Michalina Cieplińska, Scott Kirby, Cameron Mackay

Presenting: Jenni O'Neill, Cameron Mackay

Soundtrack: Cameron Mackay

University of Glasgow Graduates, Jenni O'Neill and Cameron Mackay put their degrees to use in order to investigate how prepared Scotland is to adapt to future climate change. Their journey takes them from Glasgow to South Uist and from wild peatlands to busy coastal towns as they meet with community leaders, farmers and government representatives who share their stories. 

After premiering at the University of Strathclyde's Climate Week in 2017, the film has been shown throughout Scotland at locations including the Aberdeen City Council offices and Robert Gordons University.

The film raises the crucial point that, in order to make Scotland climate-ready, we need to ensure that we represent and direct sufficient resources to peripheral communities such as those in South Uist so that we can all meet the same standard of future preparedness, throughout the country.

To arrange a screening of this film, please get in touch here.

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