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"Above the Clouds" EP Released for Licensing

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

I've just released my latest collection of music called "Above the Clouds" which features a blend of acoustic, folk and electronic tunes, all which reach their hook within 60 seconds.

This music came about from wanting to make some music for filmmakers and editors to use for short snappy social media and advertising videos. The goal was, for each track, to reach the hook of the tune in 60 seconds. Through this, the tunes can be used in short videos and still pack the same punch and have as big a sound as longer tunes.

Composing Above the Clouds
Composing Above the Clouds

From a production perspective, this music uses a lot more electronic elements including synths and and percussion. There is also lots of sampling and creative mixing in there so these tunes have really come from a combination of the genres of folk, pop and EDM.

You can listen to the music in full here.

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