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FILMS: Award-winning Documentary film telling the story of a group of volunteers called The Lost Woods as they, along with all of Glasgow's primary schools, create a youth-led woodland at the edge of the city, ahead of the COP26 Climate Summit.


IMPACT: With the goal of changing minds of the power of young people in fighting the climate crisis, the film was screened at COP26 fringe events, in the Green Zone and at three film festivals, where it was nominated twice for awards.

SEMI-FINALIST - Sunday Shorts Film Festival - 2022.png
NOMINATED - Feel The Reel International Film Festival - 2021.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Bayelsa International Film Festival - 2022.png

Growing the Glasgow Children's Woodland

12min 35s   |   2021   |   Filmed in Glasgow

Filmed in locations across Glasgow, this film follows the stories of a volunteer group as they overcome the challenges posed to their wild idea of creating one of the biggest new woodlands in Glasgow in the last 50 years. Featuring drone footage from HawkAye Scotland. At the heart of the film are the voices of the young people who come to the woodland to plant their own trees.


Original Soundtrack

3 Tracks   |   2021   |   Produced by Cameron Mackay

In order to give a hopeful feeling to the film and convey a sense of Scotland to international COP26 audiences, an original soundtrack was produced around a jig written for the film.

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