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Music Videos

Award-winning music videos that have been featured at film festivals around the world including winning Best Instrumental Music Video at the 2022 Malabar Music Festival, Kerala, India.

WINNER - Malabar Music Festival - 2022.png
Frozen River - Nominee - Munich Music Video Awards - 2022.png
Frozen River - FINALIST - Euro Music Video Song Awards - 2022.png
Frozen River - OFFICIAL SELECTION - The 4th Meihodo International Youth Visual Media Festi

Frozen River 

12min 02s   |   2022   |   Filmed in Glasgow

Self filmed extended music video featuring three tracks from Cameron Mackay's Frozen River EP. Filmed in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow using filming techniques to feature multiple takes of the performer in one frame.


Set in nature and green spaces in the city to showcase the connections to the natural world that exist within traditional Celtic music.

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