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Videos featuring partial and full live performances of songs with live audio being recorded simultaneously and extra tracks and mixing/mastering being done in post production.


Sludge Gloom (Live)

5min 40s   |   2023   |   Filmed at Classic Grand, Glasgow

Live performance of Sludge Gloom's 2023 gig at Classic Grand in Glasgow. Filmed with a lulti-camera set up and mixing desk line-out.

Scottish Fiddle Jig Set

4min 42s   |   2021   |   Filmed in Glasgow

Self-filmed live performance of a set of original Scottish fiddle tunes on violin and guitar. Performer was duplicated in the frame using filming techniques and the second audio take was recorded over the first.


On The Trail (Live Session)

2min 28s   |   2020   |   Filmed in Glasgow

Self-filmed live performance of an original fiddle tune called "On The Trail" with the multiple layers of audio being merged and synced in post-production.

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