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FILM: A short film showcasing the new sustainability initiatives taken by the Glasgow Science Centre to lower the carbon footprint of their estate ahead of housing the Green Zone of the COP26 Climate Summit.


IMPACT: This video aimed to increase awareness of sustainability infrastructure that can be added to large museum-style buildings that not only make them more sustainable, but also increase their functionality.


GSC Goes Green

12mins 10s   |   2023   |   Filmed in Glasgow

This presenter-led film follows a Glasgow Science Centre science communicator as they explore the new sustainability infrastructure of the science centre and communicate the science behind. Featuring drone footage from HawkAye Scotland.

This has sparked conversations between estates teams of museums across Scotland about sustainability.


Original Music

2 tracks   |   2021   |   Produced by Cameron Mackay

For the film, two original tracks of music were produced based around a sample of the outdoor sound exhibits which were part of the new sustainability renovations undertaken at the science centre to allow visitors to engage more with outdoor and nature-focused spaces.

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