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Farming on the Front Line

FILM: Documentary following an academic research project I was conducting to investigate how climate change and glacier loss are impacting agriculture in the Leh Valley, Ladakh, India. 


IMPACT: This film aimed to add an emotive localised anecdote of the impact of climate change in communities that live alongside glaciers into conversations about climate change in the UK. It was also a finalist in the 2017 AgriCulture Film Festival.

FINALIST - AgriCulture Film Festival - 2017.png
Farming on the Front Line of Climate Change - OFFICIAL SELECTION - Zagreb Green Film Fest
Farming on the Front Line of Climate Change - OFFICIAL SELECTION - GEOFILMFESTIVAL - 2017.

Farming on the Frontline of Climate Change

9min 15s   |   2017   |   Filmed in Ladakh, India

This documentary follows Cameron Mackay and Abel McLinden as they travel between agricultural communities in the Leh region of Ladakh in the Himalaya. They meet engineers, farmers and educators who share their own local story of environmental change, glacier and meltwater loss, and the impact this has been having on their ability to farm in the area.


Original Soundtrack

7 Tracks   |   2015   |   Produced by Cameron Mackay

To get the most out of the emotive stories that are told in the film be community members in Ladakh, a delicate soundtrack was produced featuring strings, piano and guitar.

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