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Image by William Gibson

2050 Climate Group at COP26

FILMS: Two videos were produced through working with the 2050 Climate Group alongside their work on youth representation and empowerment at the COP26 climate summit.


IMPACT: These videos aimed to increase awareness of how COP summits work for 2050's youth audiences through making the Green and Blue Zones of the conference accessible.


Reflections from the Blue Zone

5min 54s   |   2021   |   Filmed in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Through meeting with COP26 Blue Zone delegates from the 2050 Climate Group during and after the summit, their emotive personal reflections were captured.


This helped 2050's efforts to bring as many young people as possible into the conversations about climate justice and loss and damage that followed the summit. 


2050's Day in the Green Zone

6min 43s   |   2021   |   Filmed in Glasgow

This video, released online and through social media, aimed to document a day in the life of the 2050 Climate Group as they delivered an event within the Green Zone during COP26.

This first hand insight helped showcase the capacity of 2050 to deliver high profile hybrid events that connect with global climate conversations.

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