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Image by Euan Cameron


FILM: Presenter-led documentary following two Geoscientists as they travel across Scotland to investigate how prepared we are as a country to adapt to the environmental change that is predicted in the coming years.

IMPACT: This film aimed to add new perspectives to the conversations that were being had about future climate change in Scotland and has shaped discussions amongst the Scottish Government, City Councils and public sector agencies.


Climate Change and Scotland's Future

24min 35s   |   2017   |   Filmed in locations across Scotland

The documentary is based around sequences presented by one of two characters that are followed throughout the film and feature South Uist, Flanders Moss Nature Reserve, St Andrews Beach, and flood risk in Glasgow. 

The film has been widely shared and screened around Scotland and is still featured in events today.


Original Soundtrack

6 Tracks   |   2017   |   Produced by Cameron Mackay

The music aimed to reflect traditional Celtic folk music but also brings in a more cinematic ambient feeling. It features strings, Scottish fiddle, guitar, percussion and synthesisers. Ultimately it aimed to give an uolifting tone to set the narrative film alongside for how we thing about Scotland's future.

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