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FILMS: A series of education films aimed at primary and secondary classes to meet specific learning outcomes about the uses and benefits of geothermal energy. Co-produced between Glasgow Science Centre and the British Geological Survey.


IMPACT: These films aimed to provide a fresh and entertaining classroom resource that would be exciting for teachers and pupils alike whilst increasing awareness of geothermal energy for pupils of all interests and disciplines.


Lesson 1: Geothermal Energy

8min 47s   |   2022   |   Filmed in Glasgow

We follow a member of the public as they go on a journey to the Glasgow Science Centre to meet somebody who can help them find out more about geothermal energy (both played by science communicators). 

Through scripting scenes where they react to geothermal science demos, the film was able to remain as upbeat and entertaining as possible.


Lesson 2: Energy Storage

11min 39s   |   2022   |   Filmed in Glasgow

A member of the public reflects on their own energy usage at home as they visit the Glasgow Science Centre to learn about how geothermal energy is stored. 

A series of scripted science demos create an easy-to-follow narrative about geothermal energy storage using the Science Mall to create multiple different filming locations.


Lesson 3: "Not In My Backyard"

10min 1s   |   2022   |   Filmed in Glasgow

Following the same format and style as the previous two videos, the narrative clearly indicates pause moments to teachers where they can pose questions to their classes, to be answered later in the video.

These films were distributed by by the British Geological Survey to their education partners and have been screened in schools across Scotland.

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